Slave Days

Slave Days

Hope you are all well and stay that way. Resolutions going OK or not. No resolutions than try some fantasies or fetishes I can help you with that. Looking forward to an exciting encounter no matter what it is.

I have slave days at times so if that is your thing I am here to torture just the way you like it!

Long ago,Stocks were often used in Colonial America and Europe to restrain people as part of public humiliation discipline flagellation and confinement. Some of my slaves may enjoy a few moments in the stocks I could throw my rotten vegetables and eggs at them (get in the queue)

Imagine committing a minor crime maybe public drunkenness or cheating at cards and instead of being punished with fines or probation, being forced to undergo ridicule, chastisement and public humiliation.

Punishments in the colonial period included using different devices to put an individual on display to show the public they had committed a crime.

The victim was put in stocks for several days, being vulnerable in many instances to rape during the night. European townspeople often tortured the female victims of stocks to death by beatings, mutilations burnings and forcing feces into their mouths and wounds. Tickling feet was always good for a laugh with the local kids.

There were a few different types of stocks non that anyone would want to be in, the worst were the vice like stocks that restrain the male genitals and there are those placed across the chest to pinch the breasts together (as I said before get in the queue)!!

The British town of Thame made international headlines in 2016 when it took up a proposal to build stocks in the town. Introduced by a Councillor , the stocks would be used for hire and for charitable events (Yeah Yeah)!! Me thinks not.

Let the punishment fit the crime I will decide!!!

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