Shoes Shoes Shoes

Shoes Shoes Shoes

Good day my lovelies hope all is well with you. I do not always do domination but sometimes I do and I am very good at it (try it some time). Once I did have a client visit it me with a shoe fetish.

What shoes are your clients particularly turned on by you may ask. High-heeled shoes and boots seem to be the most popular. Shoe fetishism is probably the best known of all clothing fetishes, there are plenty of authentic shoe fetishists who are more about having their balls trampled by a pair of high-heels. Ouch!

He just wanted to fondle and kiss my feet in shoes or boots, so I basically just act as a shoe model. There are the shoe fetishists who are also submissives and into female domination. So, those clients are more likely to want to worship my feet as a demonstration of their submission to me, which usually involves humiliating stuff like cleaning my dirty soles with their tongues, licking my heels as I walk, or being trampled on and used as a doormat.

High-heeled shoes and boots seem to be the most popular, although many clients also have a fetish for sandals, flip flops, or sneakers. I'm not a psychologist and don't pretend to know why one type is more attractive than another to shoe fetishists, but maybe it's because the high heels have a threatening or menacing appearance that submissive men find attractive, or business world and that's something that excites submissive men. I enjoyed the experience and was excited by my foot/shoe worshipper hope he comes back again I have some new shoes he would love.

Khloe: So many shoes and only two feet it is always a treat 💋

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