Pussies Galore

Pussies Galore

Hello lovely pussy lovers, I am sure you are nearly all in that category It must be vey uncomfortable for pussies when it is hot (all that hair)

Depending on who you ask, they are the epitome of evil, the cutest thing alive, satin’s babies, ninjas, ninja-satan-babies, fur with claws, claws with fur, teeth with fur and claws, teeth with claws, teeth with fur, the future world rulers, the things trying to kill you in your sleep, the things trying to protect you from the things trying to kill you in your sleep, aliens, carnivorous monsters, little angels, everyone's best friend, the bane of all existence, the thing that sits on you at three in the morning, or just a cat but they are still cute

Cat Fetish

When a man gets sexually aroused by seeing the existence of a cat. Usually, the cat is brown or black with a nice long tail. The man jacks thinking of his ex’s cat.

I did have in the past a client who liked to dress as a cat (more than one actually) I quite enjoyed this cat fetish dressing up (role play) and it made me feel good (why I do not know). I used to walk him around the house stroke him then he would masturbate on my leg, he liked to be called snuggles and drink lots of milk.

Sometimes he liked me to dress up too. He brings the costume and I like it, it makes me feel very sexy

Khloe: Fancy a stroke and a bit of a poke you know where I am, you crazy cats xx"

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