Being SENSUOUS WOMAN. Hi all you sex mad perverts and others always open to a bit of the other (wink wink) All good sex starts with foreplay.

I have found on my escort journey that most men simply do not realise a sensuous woman can show a man how to truly enjoy the splendour of good old fashioned foreplay. I can show a man what a fabulous feeling when I bring him on under my hands and slowly get him hotter and harder than he has ever been!!

I learned hoe true this is when travelling abroad some years ago in one Mediterranean Country were handsome and supposedly hot in bed but they are too concerned with how many positions they could get into and how hard they could pump in and out. This can be very invigorating but ultimately less than totally satisfying.

When introducing a man or woman to the wonders of foreplay ME keep three things in mind.

Khloe: There is more to foreplay than you know. Use your imagination I always use mine

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