Fishy Business

Fishy Business

Hi all you fish lovers and in my experience there are many Hope you are playing safe. I enjoy seeing my friends when I can and I have a certain amount who like the smell of an unwashed woman

I had a friend who made money from sending out her smelly gym gear and underwear men could not get enough. I also had a companion who would not come and see me unless I had not had a shower for a few days I only did this once as I would normally shower twice a day!! strange or should I say weird, on second thoughts not that weird,

One of my visitors had an obsession for Scampi Fries he would bring a bag and rub them on my vagina then he would eat them he always kept a few to take home to put under his pillow when he did not have a girlfriend, (which seemed quite a lot). He was a really nice guy not seen him for a while perhaps he has gone on to better tastes Cheese puffs!! They are smelly but I have to say tasty too.

Khloe: Come and smell a real woman and I am all woman. Prefer chocolate to fish no problem 💋

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