Easter is coming

Easter is coming

Easter is coming the bunnies getting fat please put a carrot in the old man’s hat. I do like the the shape of a carrot it reminds me of something mmm( how could I forget) !!

I love Easter I call it my chocolate fest time and all my lovely friends are very generous with the chocolate and in return I am very generous too but not with the chocolate unless they want to smear it on my sexy body and lick it off I will of course return the favour.

One of my dedicated bunny friends visits me every year and he likes me to dress as bunny girl, which I enjoy doing. He always brings me a giant Easter egg and there is always a little gift inside. Apart from it being Easter I love bunny rabbits they are so cute like me, some people have a fetish involving rabbits!! That is another story.

Khloe: Chocolate and carrots always welcome let’s get munching 💋

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