Auntie Khloe

Auntie Khloe

Hi you rockers and rollers hope you all had a great Valentines I may be rocking with a couple tonight, I have some gifts to open and I know one will be a new vibrator one of my lovely companions always buys me a Red vibrator for Valentines it is his favourite colour and he likes to watch me play.

Yesterday was a rather interesting day a young man rang and kept calling me Auntie Khloe anyway he wanted to visit Auntie Khloe as it was his birthday and his Auntie had given him some money and he wanted to spend it on an Auntie (ME).

I was rather curious about this Auntie thing. He arrived on time and what he desired was role play (he had a thing about his Auntie) I was his Auntie and he wanted to chase his Auntie around the bedroom when he caught me I had to pretend to fight him off and when I did he wanted to be tied up for being a naughty boy and spanked, always here to please I carried out his request. I must say I rather enjoyed the chasing bit, My little friend left very happy and I am sure I will see him again. I love my life and making people happy.

Khloe: Whatever Whenever I happy to oblige I am a pleaser and a teaser try me xx

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